Issue #100
Issue #100
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 100 February/March 2013

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IMATS Toronto Packs Congress Centre: One last successful show precedes move to Metro Toronto Convention Centre. By Erica Shallow

Mutants on the Move: We visit the set of American Horror Story. By Chris Koseluk

Faas and Furious: Dutch make-up legend Ellis Faas does it her way. By Martha Calhoon

Presidential Profiles: Lois Burwell transforms Daniel Day-Lewis into an American icon in Lincoln. PLUS: Lincoln likeness make-ups throughout history.

Return to Middle Earth: Peter King, Tami Lane and a massive make-up crew bring Tolkien classic The Hobbit to life. By Joe Nazzaro

Oscar Watch: Who's getting Achievement in Makeup buzz. By Joe Nazzaro

Welcome to Issue 100!: As we celebrate a milestone, we asked you to share your thoughts on make-up artistry's past, present and future. Timeline by John Goodwin and Make-Up Artist staff

Ready for Their Close-ups: We zoom in on make-up artists making cameo appearances in movies. By Joe Nazzaro

Make-up Moments in Movies: When cosmetics play their own role. By Chris Koseluk

Body Work: Trina Merry elevates the human form. By Chris Koseluk

Trailer-Made Romance: Make-up artists find love on, and off, the set. By Stephanie Brooks

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