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Issue 069 November/December 2007

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Cameo: Del Acevedo by Stephanie Matlock Allen

A stint in the Naval Reserves and an apprenticeship with Universal Studios preceded Del Acevedo's work on such wartime dramas as The Deer Hunter and The Last Days of Patton. But if you think he's a tough guy, wait 'til you hear what he did with his Emmys.

From Eyeliner to Paintbrush, Artists Show Their Skills

Rick Baker is best known for his award-winning make-up work on films. But look what happens when he and his friends (including some make-up artists you just might recognize) get together for a gallery show in his studio. Photos by Taylor White, Tim Goodwin and participation artists.

And I'd like to thank Ve for Attaching Those Barnacles to My Nose 

Who's getting the biggest Oscar® buzz for movie make-up this season? Is Edith Piaf any match for a band of buccaneers or a down-and-out boxer? Find out in our in-depth look at potential winners of this year's Academy Awards®.

Tales from the Red Carpet by Brett Glass

Bruce Grayson, Collier Strong, Joanna Schlip: These are just some of the artist who have made up celebrities for past Academy Awards® telecasts, whether at home or backstage. Here they share their stories of stress, success and a few memorable snafus on the road to the red carpet.

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