Issue #066
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 066 May/June 2007

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In this issue:

Digital Deception by Ron Magid

Computer retouchers and traditional make-up artists: How do they affect each other's work? We profile Photoshop whiz Amy Dresser — and find that she can't do her job effectively without the work of skilled make-up artists.

A Pirate's Life for Ve by Ron Magid

The crew on Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End swims in a sea of scurvy, scars, and hairpieces. Artists Ve Neill and Joel Harlow reflect on the challenges of making two movies simultaneously…and the experience of making up Keith Richards. Arrrr!

Make-up Around the World by Elizabeth Grattan

In our seventh annual look at the international make-up scene, we profile eight artists in countries from Iceland to Wales, each of whom brings a palette of fresh ideas and techniques.

Detective Work by Michael Walter

From Frasier to the force: A new police procedural film renders Kelsey Grammer unrecognizable, thanks to make-up design by Matthew Mungle and Jamie Kelman.

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