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Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 064 January/February 2007

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Apocalypto Gallery

Spectacular make-up was an intricate daily ritual on the set of Apocalypto. We bring you six pages of remarkable photos and concept art. Plus: department head Vittorio Sodano's step-by-step instructions for the silicone transfer technique used on the film.

All or Nothing by Joe Nazzaro

Christine Blundell values eclecticism, and has taken on every kind of make-up and hair challenge that piqued her interest — from punk rockers to Peter Pan to James Bond. The Brit alternates big-budget films with small, and frequently works with unconventional director Mike Leigh. The BAFTA and Oscar winner is currently thinking sci-fi.

It's in the Blood by Ron Magid

Daniel Parker's father told him, "If you go into films, don't go into make-up." But Parker did follow in his father's footsteps ("Why not one movie?") and his talent was confirmed with a BAFTA award. Here, he talks about his father, what went wrong with Frankenstein, and lessons he'll teach students at his new school in France. Pros, listen up.

Always the 'it' Girl by Shannon Levy

Pati Dubroff creates Oscar season's hottest red-carpet looks, and finds L.A. an ideal locale for her work with A-list actresses. But the native New Yorker has a serious pedigree: spokesperson for Dior Beauty, and former assistant to the great Francois Nars. Includes a Q&A with an artist who finds "timelessness" in making up Hollywood's girls-of-the-moment.

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