Issue 060 May/June 2006
Issue 060 May/June 2006
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 060 May/June 2006

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Special 10th Anniversary issue!

In this issue:

Getting Better with Age: Rick Baker on Click by Michael Key

Rick Baker and his team at Cinovation have raised the bar for age make-ups in the new Adam Sandler movie Click. In Part One of a two-part series, we show you exclusive photos of these unbelievable make-ups. You'll also see molds, sculptures, and a gallery of landmark age make-ups from film history. Baker talks about Clickin an in-depth Q&A. "In the pictures of these make-ups, you can zoom in on a pore and make it the full size of your screen, and you can't tell that they're make-ups," he says.

Celebrity Artist Paul Starr's Blue-Sky Beauties by Shannon Levy

Paul Starr, celebrity make-up artist and author of On Beauty,has a portfolio filled with gorgeous images of actresses and models. His career began 20 years ago with $35 an hour make-up lessons from Oscar-winner Bob Arrollo. Starr has since worked with the best photographers around the world and with avant-garde filmmakers as well. He makes up the most beautiful faces in Hollywood on a regular basis. To name a few: Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Weisz, Scarlett Johansson and Michelle Pfeiffer. Starr will be a keynote speaker at the 2006 International Make-Up Artist Trade Show in L.A.

Happy 10th Anniversary by Joe Nazzaro

It's our 10th birthday so we're giving you a "tear it out and pin it on your wall" page of terrific make-ups. Find out what top artists from all branches of make-up think: their favorite products, the important techniques and developments from the last 10 years, and why they read Make-Up Artist.

Make-up Around the World by Elizabeth Grattan and Mary DeVine

A favorite feature every year. We introduce you to 10 artists from our global search for new talent. Who knew Iceland was so hot?

CSI NYC: Big Apple Bodies by John Goodwin

If you love the CSI shows and want to get behind the scenes, this is your issue. John Goodwin's story "Big Apple Bodies" goes behind the gruesome scenes at CSI: New York. Bizarre plots demand imaginative, unpleasant and fascinating make-up. The make-up team's challenge is to keep the details as accurate as possible … without crossing the line for a TV audience. Learn how the "CSI shots" – where the camera seems to go inside the body – are all about make-up.

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