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Issue 025 June/July 2000

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Field Trip to New York

MA takes a field trip to the Big Apple and you're invited. We cover the 'Big Guys'--Dick Smith, Carl Fullerton, Allen Weisinger, and Michael Laudati--as well as John Dods, who worked on A Kiss Before Dying, Naked in New York, and Boomerang; Bob Laden, whose work includes Amistad, Scent of a Woman, The Exorcist, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and Stephen King's Thinner; Michael Thomas, of Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters 1 & 2, and Fatal Attraction fame; Neal Martz, creator of slashed throats for The Devil's Advocate, and Carlito's Way; Marianne Skiba, of All My Children; and the Saturday Night Live team.

The Godfather: Dick Smith

To do an issue on the make-up community in New York without Dick Smith would be a crime. He wasn't the first make-up artist in NY, but he is the father of those that there are today in NY make-up. He introduced materials and invented techniques that revolutionized the industry. Much has been written about him and his career has been published in detail several times. So we cover just the highlight of his career. Dick, being the meticulous man he is, submitted such great notes that we decided to publish them uncut and in his own words along with many pictures from some of his greatest make-ups.

The Magician: Carl Fullerton

After 27 years as a top craftsman in the entertainment business, a make-up artist of Carl Fullerton's stature might be expected to boast of his triumphs, but Fullerton is among the most modest, most talented gentleman in his field. With a resume that spans numerous prestigious projects, Fullerton has been responsible for creating believable character make-ups of all races and extractions while balancing his work with an equal number of effects and special requirement jobs. His credits include The Wiz, Altered States, The Hunger, Glory, Silence of the Lambs, The Shadow, Philadelphia, Beloved, and The Hurricane.

The Hitman: Allen Weisinger

Allen Weisinger, a native son of New York City, has taken a big bite out of the Big Apple's make-up scene. A meeting with fate put him on the road to becoming a make-up artist and he hasn't slowed down since. Big features, big names, and a steady career have been his trademarks. Weisinger has worked with Nicholas Cage on Brining Out the Dead, 8MM, City of Angels and Face/Off. He also worked on Gladiator, Family Man and Gone in 60 Seconds.

Star Player: Michael Laudati

For twenty years, make-up artist Michael Laudati has been tending to some of the most respected actors in film. His hands have painted the face of Al Pacino for theater, transformed Walter Matthau into Einstein in I.Q., turned Chazz Palminteri into a corpse for Diabolique, bruised Tom Cruise's face for Far and Away, and turned Harrison Ford into America's 16th President on a surreal magazine cover. Join us as we talk with him about his career as a star player.

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