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Issue 022 December/January 1999

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XFX's Roborobin

Steve Johnson tells MA about the Herculean task he and his studio, XFX, put into creating the robotic suits and various robotic pieces for Robin Williams and the other characters in Bicentennial Man. The project involved months of work, over 160 workers at XFX, and even a trip to NASA. Join us for this fascinating interview with Steve.

The World is Not Enough: James Bond

MA talks with department heads Linda DeVetta and Bron Roylance about what is takes to make-up Bond and his many women. Linda Devetta and her crew did the make-up for all cast members except Pierce Brosnan, who was made-up by Bron Roylance. Linda tells us about her favorite make-up (Denise Richards' character Dr. Christmas), her hardest make-up (Sophie Marceau's character Elektra King), and her easiest make-up (Dame Judy Dench's character M). Bron Roylance shares with us what it takes to create a Bond. James Bond that is.

Cannom's Age-Old Problem

Greg Cannom, make-up department head Brad Wilder, Robin Williams' key make-up artist Cheri Minns, and Steve Johnson's XFX were responsible for creating the myriad make-ups and illusions in the film Bicentennial Man. Cannom's main involvement was in creating the 25 groundbreaking age make-ups used to age many of the characters, some up to 200 years. Most of the make-ups on principle characters were silicone and Cannom and his team developed a new overlapping silicone process unlike anything else being done. Join MA as Cannom talks about this process and about the challenges and rewards of working on Bicentennial Man.

Behind the Scenes: Saturday Night Live.

Two-minute make-up man Louis Zakarian, Emmy nominated artist who heads the make-up department for Saturday Night Live, can turn a skinny man into a fat woman in the flash of a commercial break. He first came to SNL in 1993 after doing some work on the Phil Donahue Show, when Mike Maddy was still the head of the department. Zakarian worked as second in charge for about two years before taking over. He now designs the whole make-up look for the show with the help of Vincent Guastini and Andrea Miller. Cast members like Chris Kattan are changed from a half-man/half-monkey character named Mr. Peepers to Scary Spice. Cheri Oteri transforms from Cindi Lauper to Ross Perot. Join us as Zakarian discusses the quick changes one has to be ready for on a live-comedy show.

The Legend of Kevin Yagher

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a well known American fable, featuring a fearsome headless horseman who prowls the night in search of victims. Sleepy Hollow, directed by Tim Burton, is an intriguing twist on the old classic. The concept was developed by make-up artist and co-producer Kevin Yagher. The normally flat character of Ichabod Crane, is portrayed as a Sherlock Holmes-type detective with a tortured past. MA talks with Yagher about his role in getting the movie produced and about the make-ups he created for the film.

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