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Issue 021 October/November 1999

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Jack Pierce: Universal Man of Monsters

Jack Pierce was truly the king of all monsters. In a fifteen year period at Universal Studios, Pierce brought many of the screen's most legendary horror characters to life, revolutionizing make-up with his singular designs and mysterious techniques that he implemented for the classic monster movies. Coming to make-up later in life, Pierce's remarkable story has equal amounts of triumph and tragedy and bridges the earliest years of silent cinema through the golden age of television.

Treasures of Trade Show 3

Last issue we covered the 1999 International Make-Up Artist Trade Show, but we had so many great pictures that we had to omit due to space. So this issue we would like to share with you some of the wonderful photos from the Museum of Make-Up Arts. Make-up artists and effects labs graciously loan displays for exhibit for the museum at our show. The end result is a tour of Hollywood's most memorable make-up moments. Now it is time for your own personal tour to start. Remember, look but don't touch!

Getting Old with Citizen Kane.

In this article, Dick Smith pays tribute to a dear friend of his, Maurice Seiderman. Seiderman is the genius who created and applied the age make-ups in Orson Welles' Citizen Kane. Dick recounts the highlights of Maurice's life, including Maurice's ten year struggle to get into the union and his many creations and inventions. Join MA for a fascinating article by a master make-up artist, about a master make-up artist.

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