Issue 020 August/September 1999
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Issue 020 August/September 1999

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The Spy Who Shagged Me

Rarely has there been a movie sequel as eagerly anticipated as Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me. With a bigger budget and greater audience expectations, this Austin Powers promised to deliver a whole array of new characters. It brought back the familiar make-up characters if Dr. Evil and Austin himself, completely re-created for the sequel by Michele Burke, who also designed and created Mini-Me. In addition, this Austin Powers introduced another new character, the obese monstrosity, deemed Fat Bastard, also played by Meyers. For make-up department head Patty York, Fat Bastard suit supervisor Mike Smithson, and Burke with her make-up team, the familiar ring of, “oh, behave!” were welcomed words throughout the 1998-99 production.

A Field Trip to Tokyo

This is the third article (see Issues 6 and 16) in a series focusing on the different make-up communities around the world. This time we head to Tokyo to see how make-up artists live and work in Japan. We found several notable differences, especially in the way wigs are made. Join MA Editor-in-Chief Michael Key as he takes a tour through Japan’s make-up community.

Wild Wild West: Does it Have a Leg to Stand On?

This film does have it’s problems, being a period film that doesn’t adhere to the period and casting Will Smith as James West for starters, but it does have one leg to stand on – and that is production value. The art direction by Bo Welch is rich eye candy. The sets are really wonderful. There is some superb make-up and facial hair. Many talented make-up artists worked on this film including, Rick Baker, Ken Diaz, and Toni G. But Wild Wild West just asks for too many leaps of faith from the audience. What a wild wild waste.

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