Issue 018 April/May 1999
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 018 April/May 1999

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Rick Baker’s LIFE

Rick Baker and Eddie Murphy have joined forces again for what promises to be another remarkable union of talent from both sides of the camera in Imagine/Universal’s Life. Baker’s studio, Cinovation, sculpted six age make-ups for the principle characters. These make-ups were then applied by several talented make-up artists including: Toni G, Kazuhiro Tsuji, Kevin Haney and Bill Corso.

Joanne Gair: The Illustrated Woman

A sun-soaked island in the Caribbean was the setting for the sizzling body paint for Sports Illustrated’slatest swimsuit edition. There make-up artist Joanne Gair and her team worked their magic and recreated this year’s swimsuits on some of the most beautiful bodies in the world. Joanne was in the spotlight for several television networks, which publicized her work on the Sports Illustrated models. Join MA as we interview her about the shoot, her work, her education, her favorite products and her plans for the future.

Xena: Warriors of Make-up

A television war wages in the primordial forests of New Zealand. Xena: Warrior Princess has emerged as the victor, surpassing Baywatch as the most viewed television program in the world. Meet courageous New Zealand make-up artists who daily arm Xena and Gabrelle for battle. MA interviews Francia Smeets, make-up Department Head, for Xena: Warrior Princess about the show, her favorite products and the make-up culture in New Zealand.

Make-Up Artists from Around the World

In years past, the make-up industry flourished in just a handful of areas; how times have changed. India, for example, has become the largest film market, producing over 600 films a year, subsequently employing more than 1,000 make-up artists. While some countries still may not have access to the latest materials or knowledge of the most current techniques, their artists are demonstrating true talent. From special make-up effects to high fashion make-up off the runway, join MA for this article which shows the industry’s presence around the world – proof that make-up artistry is truly a global event.

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