Issue 016 December/January 1998
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Issue 016 December/January 1998

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The Wizard of Oz – a 60th Anniversary Celebration:

Return to Oz

Although it’s been sixty years since MGM produced The Wizard of Oz, its unforgettable characters still remain a point of fascination for make-up artists and cinema fans in terms of conception and execution. Though sharing information about the artists and the creation of the characters was not widespread at the time the film was made, some noteworthy details have surfaced in the decades since. In this article MAshares those details with you: from anecdotes about each of the principle characters, to test make-up photographs.

A Tribute to Oz

Bill Corso spearheaded the re-creation of the make-up from The Wizard of Oz for a tribute to the movie done at the Mann’s Chinese Theater for the world release of the “special edition” in 1998. In this article he shares his experiences recreating the make-ups and his insights into how the original movie was made. As Corso himself says, “It’s a fascinating process to recreate something and then compare the similarities and differences. There are always those minute details that we wish we could change, but when the overall response is amazement, you just have to smile and know that next time it will be better. I suppose Jack Dawn may have had similar thoughts in 1939, but here in 1998 it was an honor for all of us to have walked in those great footprints on the Make-up Walk of Fame.”

Field Trip to Orlando

This is the second article (for the first see Issue 6) in a series focusing on the different make-up communities around the world. The first community we visited was in chilly Canada, this time we head to sunny, humid Florida. It is much easier to appreciate the uniqueness of one’s own community when you understand the uniqueness of others. Our trip to Orlando confirmed this once again. Join MA as we tour the make-up communities of Florida and as we discuss the seven stages in developing a make-up community.

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