Issue 014 August/September 1998
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 014 August/September 1998

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Optic Nerve’s Babylon 5

Over the entire course of the T.V. show Babylon 5, Optic Nerve Studio’s role has been creating all the alien races and life forms, supervising all make-ups, and occasionally working with the computer graphics department to design characters. Optic Nerve worked on tight schedules to create movie quality make-ups that were fresh and original. In this article MA talks with John Vulich, President of Optic Nerve, about how the studio managed to do all this and create quality designs with very limited time.


Jenifer Aspinall was born with a love for fooling the eye. At the tender age of 10 she was doing disguise make-ups on herself and turning her dad into the Phantom of the Opera. MA interviews her about her career, her time on Saturday Night Live and about her work on MAD TV. The whole world has, indeed, gone MAD.

Trade Show ’98

The best of the best…the cream of the crop. We’re talking about Rick Baker, Dick Smith, Jeff Dawn and Leonard Engelman. They were gracious enough to take time out of their busy production schedules to speak to attendees at the 1998 Trade Show. 1998 was also the year that ushered in the new International Make-up Competition. And excitement was everywhere throughout the exhibitor booths where every major make-up line was displayed. Join MA for this report on the 1998 Make-up and Effects Trade Show.

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