Issue 009 October/November 1997
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 009 October/November 1997

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Featured Articles:

The Scariest Man on TV: Toby Lindala

Toby Lindala tells how us he became the scariest man on TV. He tells us what his early influences were, and how his big break came. Toby also shares with us what equipment and products he likes best. Lots of wonderful gruesome pictures make this a fascinating article.

Looking Good with Bob Mills

MA talks with Bob about his roots in the studio system of MGM and 20th Century Fox that have led him to be one of the most sought-after make-up artists in Hollywood. We asked him about his favorite films and directors as well as what products he likes best. Bob has worked on Planet of the Apes, Pretty Woman, For the Boys, Pelican Brief, and Batman Returns.

Emmy Awards

Held in the world class Pasadena Civic Auditorium, the Creative Arts Awards include the Make-up and Hairstyling categories among others. MA briefly covers the 1997 awards in this article. Winners include: Bill Corso, Tom Burman, Barry Koper, and Ve Neill.

1997 Trade Show Highlights

Magic was in the air August 3, 1997. An electric excitement could be seen in the eyes of those waiting in line for the first annual Make-up and Effects Trade Show. Make-up artists from all points on the globe came together in a celebration of make-up artistry. MA shares with its readers the highlights of the show from those who attended it with this commentary from attendees and exhibitors.

Translucency Breakthrough: Foamed Gelatin

MA covers the first use of foamed gelatin. Michael Pearce and Dave DuPis of Steve Johnson’s XFX developed the new technology for creating foamed gelatin. They tested it out on an episode of the Stargate TV series. We talk with them about how the foamed gelatin is made, how to use it and what its strengths and weaknesses are compared with other products. This is a fascinating and highly informative article.

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