Issue 008 August/September 1997
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 008 August/September 1997

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Rick Baker: Men in Black

Once again he has brought amazing images to the silver screen for us to marvel at. But just like aliens, U.F.Os, and government conspiracies, the best part is usually what you didn’t see. MA interviews Rick about MIB and the beautiful aliens he created for it. He tells us about the development of several of the principle characters and how they evolved through the collaborative process of making this movie. Rick also shares how several of his best creations were left out of the movie or were given smaller roles. This article is filled with many beautiful photos and illustrations you just have to see.

Behind the Scenes: The Emmy’s

The Emmy for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Make-up is the most prestigious award in television for make-up artists. MA goes behind the scenes to discover the process that brings the very best to center stage. Michael Westmore, Tom Burman and Kevin Haney also share their Emmy experiences with us.

Airbrush in Make-Up Artistry Part II

This is part two of the two-part article on airbrush artistry begun in issue 7. Our panel discusses technique in this installment. The panel includes: Michael Westmore (Oscar winner), Scott Wheeler (Star Trek), Bradley M. Look (Star Trek, Congo, Mask) and Gino Acevedo (Demolition Man, Wolf, Nutty Professor, Men in Black) The topics they discuss are: how to hold an airbrush, self training and practice exercises, areas on the body to avoid spraying, how designing an airbrush make-up is different from designing a traditional make-up, and simple tricks and techniques with the airbrush. A highly informative article you won’t want to miss.

This is also the first issue of the magazine to feature our column Lab Tech!

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