Issue 006 April/May 1997
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 006 April/May 1997

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The Force is With Stuart Freeborn

Join MA as we talk with Stuart Freeborn about his long and amazing career. Stuart tells us about his experiences making the first Star Wars trilogy; his work with Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers, and Stanley Kubrick; as well as many of Freeborn’s favorite memories, which include a brush with royalty.

Rick Baker’s Cantina

Rick Baker tells us about the rewards and challenges of adding characters post-production to the cantina scene in Star Wars. Baker and his crew designed and created characters that were added after filming completed. The scene has about 30 inserts that were added months later, in a different country, using a completely different crew. Join MA as we learn the story behind this scene which many people will say is one of their favorites.

Field Trip to Vancouver: The X-Files

MA takes its first in a series of field trips to various make-up communities around the world. We start with Vancouver, B.C. MA tours several of the sets and notes the difference between make-up and make-up artists in L.A. and make-up and make-up artists in B.C. We also spotlight Vancouver make-up artist Fern Levin and speak with her in depth about her work on the TV series The X-Files.

Emergency Make-Up: When Injuries Occur on the Set

Jeff Dawn tells of his experiences with injuries on set and tells MA how to be prepared for an injury and what the make-up artist’s role could be if the injured person is wearing make-up, especially an appliance. Dawn recommends creating an Emergency Make-up Removal Kit and gives us a detailed description of what should be included in that kit.

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