Issue 005 February/March 1997
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 005 February/March 1997

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This issue is featured in the closing credits of the motion picture Argo.

A Tribute to John Chambers

Though John Chambers had been retired for a decade and a half when this article was written, the influence of his work was, and is, still being felt. Many of the top professionals today were inspired in their youth by his creations. This tribute is not only for John. It is also for the up and coming generations of make-up artists, that his work will not be forgotten, so that they will be inspired too. Join MA as we pay tribute to John Chambers with the words and memories of those who worked with John and/or were inspired by him. Contributors to the article include: Dick Smith, Fred C. Blau, Jr., Michael Westmore, Howard Berger, Dana Nye, Mike McCraken, Matthew Mungle, Alan Friedman, Josephine Turner, Claude Thompson, Werner Keppler, Ken Chase, Michael Smithson, Maurice Stein, Tony Gardner, Tom Burman and Rick Baker.

Ghosts of Mississippi: Matthew Mungle

MA talks with Matthew Mungle about age make-ups, gelatin appliances and impossible deadlines. In just a day and a half, Mungle created the age make-up on James Woods for Ghosts of Mississippi. Most would consider that an almost impossible deadline. He shares with MA how he created that make-up, what products he used, and what the challenges were. Mungle also talks in depth with us about his use of gelatin and how he makes it work so beautifully for him.

Bobbi Brown: Exclusive Interview

MA interviews Bobbi about her first book, “Bobbi Brown Beauty,” her cosmetic line and her plans for the future. Bobbi shares with us what drove her to start her own brand of cosmetics and what her hopes for her first book are. She also imparts some of her own down-to-earth philosophy about make-up, running a business and being happy. A fabulous interview you won’t want to miss.

How to Win an Oscar

Steve LaPorte, an Oscar-winning make-up artist and the 1997 Chairman of the Makeup Award Executive Committee, and Patrick Stockstill, the Awards Coordinator for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in 1997, tell MA what it takes to win an Oscar and how the nominees and winners are chosen.

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