Issue 003 Oct/Nov 1996
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 003 Oct/Nov 1996

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Stan Winston’s Island of Dr. Moreau

Stan Winston sent his make-up crew to the jungles of Australia to bring H. G. Wells’ novel to life. Wells had no idea when he wrote his novel the challenges he was creating for make-up artists in generations to come. Shane Mahan, a 14-year veteran of Stan Winston Studios and Michael Smithson, were delegated the responsibility of over-seeing the design and application of the make-ups for Island of Dr. Moreau. Join MAas they share with us how they dealt with these challenges, as well as the sweltering heat, to create the look for generation’s Island.

Also featured in this issue are some of the drawings and paintings of the 1977 version of The Island of Dr. Moreau never published before this issue of MA.

Very Presidential: All the President’s Make-Up Men

MA looks back at all the make-up artists who have helped to make our presidents “very presidential.” From that important first-ever TV debate between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton. Make-up Artists featured include: Claude Thompson, Harry Blake, Tom Ellingwood, Bruce Grayson, and Ray Voege.

Feature Film Guru: Leonard Engelman

Leonard Engelman tells MA about his career as a make-up artist; from how he got his start as a make-up artist, to how he got into the union and even a little about the time he wasn’t a make-up artist. Leonard even shares some of his personal make-up philosophy and discusses his favorite products. Leonard’s movies include: Love and War, The Chamber, Heat, Batman Forever, Faithful, Scarlett, Roommates, When a Man Loves a Woman, Flesh and Bone, Sleepless in Seattle and many more.

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