Issue 002 August/September 1996
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 002 August/September 1996

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Featured Articles:

Make-Up Extraordinaire Rick Baker

Rick Baker gives MA an inside look at The Nutty Professor. From details on appliance application to the products used. This is a wonderful behind the scenes look at the movie and the struggles Baker had in making it all happen.

Toy Russel Van Lierop: Doing Buddy Love

Toy discusses the look of Buddy Love, Sherman Klump’s dark alter ego in The Nutty Professor. She also shares with MA her favorite products for dark skin tones and how she got into being a make-up artist.

How to Excel in the 90’s

Why is it that some make-up artists do the big shows and get the big bucks, while others are having a hard time just getting scale? Top make-up artists Jeff Dawn, Christina Smith, and Tommy Cole tell you how youcan go in, cut a deal on a show with people you have not worked with before, get paid well, and have good working conditions.

Computer Make-Up Design

The magic of computers enables Rick Baker the power and flexibility to produce amazing designs, which communicate his vision to actors and directors. What he used to do with sketches and paintings, he now does with the computer with considerably more realism.

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