Issue 001 June/July 1996
Make-Up Artist Magazine

Issue 001 June/July 1996

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Two-Time Oscar® Winner Greg Cannom

We talked with two-time Oscar® winner Greg Cammon about painting, age make-up, vampires, and high school. In this candid interview, Cammon tells us about his early struggles as a make-up artist and relates some of his experiences on the sets of such films as Forever Young, Dracula and Cocoon.

Up Close and Personal with Ronnie Specter

It’s been a Hollywood fairytale come true for make-up artist Ronnie Specter, who is now in demand to make the hottest Hollywood actresses look like a million, (or twelve). Specter has worked with such celebrities as Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore, and Melanie Griffith. Her films include Now & Then, Batman Returns, Fabulous Baker Boys, One Fine Day, Fair Game and Diabolique. In this absorbing article she traces her career as a make-up artist from its beginnings, discusses her favorite make-up products, and gives us a little of her personal make-up philosophy.

Make-up Veteran: Monty Westmore

After 50 years in the industry, you can probably count on one hand the artists who are carrying a case who have as much knowledge and experience as Monty Westmore, and still have plenty of fingers left. In this very personal article, Monty shares his memories of fifty years in the industry, from Joan Crawford to Ozzie and Harriot.

Local 706

Who are the real Hollywood make-up artists? They’re the folks of Local 706. This fascinating article shares the history, importance and inner workings of Local 706.

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